Paranormal Romance Junkie

What makes me an expert on paranormal romance?
I’m not but in the last four years, I’ve read 385 paranormal romance books. I probably have read more but that is what I counted on my Kindle and that is not counting books from other genres that I have read. I bought my first e-book on October 15, 2011. It was Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Up until then, I had bought paperbacks or hardcover books.
I prefer e-books because I don’t have a lot of room to store books now that I divorced my husband and went from having a grand Victorian to a small rented duplex and plus I get instant gratification from my couch, bed or wherever I am at the time I finish one book and want the next. Of course, I still have my tangible books for some of the classics like Stenbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and my collection of Shakespeare plays. There’s nothing like holding and smelling an old leather bound book. Wait, is that weird?
Anyway, I may not be an expert but I read A LOT and I’ve been reading a loooooong time. I may be exaggerating but I think I read Thorn Birds when I was nine or ten years old. Yes, I know I was way too young to read that kind of material but Dr. Seuss creeped me out (I know. I know. He’s an award winning author of children’s books and millions love his books but I was standing in the school library and opened up one of his books and saw this scraggly looking supposed cat that didn’t look like a cat but more like something a cat spit out of its butt then read, “I do not like green eggs and ham.” I threw down the book and just thought how gross it was for that hideous cat thingy to be eating rotten eggs and ham) so the school library was out and the only other source I had for books was what my mom read. I would grab a book and hide in an apple tree to read it. I was hooked. I’ve read all kinds of genres but in recent years, it has mostly been paranormal romance books. As long as it has intrigue, mystery, and adventure and doesn’t read like a Harlequin Romance, I gobble them up.

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