Master of the Night – Mageverse Series – Angela Knight

NO NO NO.. Do not buy this book unless you are seriously just looking for sex. I think this book is just an excuse to write porn. I counted the word “cock” at least 65 times in this book.

The storyline goes like this… Merlin and Nimue who were Alien Fae came to earth to make champions and teachers out of the races on earth which were the faerie or sidje and the humans. They decided to let the bravest, most intelligent and most skilled drink from the Merlin’s Grail which gave them powers. The males who drank from the cup became Magi or vampires while the females became Majae or witches. Among the drinkers were Arthur and his knights and Guinevere and her ladies. They are called Mageverse or Magekind. The children of the Magekind are born mortal with potential to become vampire  or witches but only if one of the Magekind has sex with them. It takes a few love-making sessions to transform someone into a witch or vampire.

Erin Grayson is an American spy or agent whose assignment is to seduce an international business man Reece Champion. He just so happens to be one of the Magekind and also and agent. They end up being kidnapped and imprisoned together by the evil Geiroff in the realm of the Sidje. During their confinement, Reece tries not to have sex with Reece because the third time will turn her into a witch and she could go insane so instead of having sex with her and turning her insane, (which by the way, was what was happening to me as I read this crap) he had uncontrollable sex dreams about her. It was just all kind of contrived and seemed like the author was looking for reasons to insert more erotica into the story.  Vrummmmmm… Oh sorry, forgot to turn off my vibrator.
The background story and world that the author creates is actually interesting and I liked some of the characters. If there were less sex, I would have enjoyed the book more. Don’t get me wrong – I like me a good sex scene but when it rules the book, it ruins it for me.

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